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Concrete is an incredibly versatile material that has been used for years, in all manner of construction projects. Because of its relatively low cost, durability, flexibility and low maintenance, concrete has become one of the premiere building materials. Where concrete once needed to be mixed, on site, it can now be precast, offsite and deliver to your construction location for easy assembly. If you are looking to a concrete construction project initiated, let us be your first (and only) call. We promise you that we can give you the concrete installation of your dreams.

About Us

We are the number one concrete contractors in Bell County. Through our years of service to this community we have grown and evolved to be able to take care of all of our clients’ wants and needs. We are a hardworking team of outgoing, knowledgeable individuals who are always at the ready to deliver, to you, the best concrete around. We stand by our work and guarantee that it will last. We also know that we offer extremely competitive pricing and, because of that, we can work with any budget. The next time you need concrete, let us know.

Our Services

We want to be the only concrete contractors you ever need, and for that reason, we try and offer as many services as we can. Right now, we are offering services, such as: concrete contracting, residential concrete, slabs on grade, commercial concrete, concrete paving, precast concrete, concrete columns, retaining walls, culverts, concrete pavers, concrete foundations, concrete floors, concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, concrete curbing, piers, insulated concrete forms, concrete services, concrete finishing, concrete parking lot, pilings, concrete slab, stamped concrete, stained concrete, concrete cutting, concrete forms, retention ponds, concrete removal, concrete resurfacing, concrete sealing, concrete painting and concrete barriers.

Structural Concrete

Structural concrete is a type of concrete that is reinforced with steel, so that it can carry a heavier load. In structural concrete, we lay down metal rebar, which is then covered, and encapsulated, with concrete. Because of the flexible rigidity of steel, and the mild flexibility of concrete, combining these two means that the concrete is, both, strengthened, and made to be more flexible without cracking, sinking or buckling in any way.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is something that has really gained popularity in the past few years. In this type of concrete, instead of mixing concrete on site (which can take up value time and space), we precast concrete pieces at our facility. We then truck those pieces to your construction site, where they can be easily assembled together. Precast concrete was once only used in commercial buildings, but is now, actually, being used to construct residential homes.

Concrete Paving

When we talk about concrete paving, what we usually mean is the paving of driveways. However, another paving structure that we love to lay down is that of parking lots. While most parking lots are constructed of asphalt, concrete is actually a more resilient material. Concrete also looks much nicer; with a cleaner finish. For this reason, concrete parking lots are often the number one choice for businesses with parking structures and large lots.

Concrete Foundations

Concrete is the number one material that modern foundations are made out of. While, in the past, foundations were constructed of wood, most, today, are made from concrete. Concrete is preferable because it deals with moisture much better than wood. Concrete does not rot and, even it begins to crack, it is much easier to fix and repair than wood is. If you need a foundation installed, we’ve got you.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Sidewalks and driveways are both structures that are almost always made from concrete. Because these two things are always exposed to intense sunlight and inclement weather conditions, they need to be made from a material that can put up with. Luckily, concrete does an amazing job at resisting sunlight. Concrete is also very good at holding up under freezing conditions and, if build properly, can rain water easily and efficiently.

Concrete Curbing

Curbing is a multi-use structure that is generally intended to help cars stay where they belong. When curbs are installed in parking lots, they can prevent vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian sidewalks and walkways. With free-standing curbs, which are usually placed in individual pieces at the front of parking stalls, cars are prohibited from going outside the lines. Curbing, with their slanted edges, also helps sidewalks and walkways to more easily drain water.

Concrete Stamping and Staining

With todays concrete techniques it has forever changed the way we look at concrete. Whether your desired look is rustic wood, cobble stone, brick or slate, it is all not only possible but more durable than the actual replicated surfaces. It doesn’t matter whether you would like a flat or glossy look, we can just select the sealer that best fits that look. Concrete coatings can seal up your concrete to make it last longer.

Concrete Patio

There isn’t a better material to use for your patio than concrete. It is the most durable and with the latest techniques it can also be among the most aesthetically appealing. There is no need to worry about UV or water damage as it can easily withstand both. What better way to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a drink at night than on a beautiful concrete patio.


“BELL County Concrete Contractors was phenomenal to work with. We needed some fairly large concrete pieces for our build, but had little space to work with. They prefabbed perfect concrete panels for us and it made the job super easy. Thanks!”

Laurence O.

“When we needed a new driveway we installed, we gave BELL County Concrete Contractors a call on a recommendation from a friend. We are so happy that we did. They were able to come out in a matter of days and put down a gorgeous driveway for us.”

Elma T

“We were building a new house and needed a concrete slab poured. Because we wanted it done correctly, we gave BELL County Concrete Contractors a call. They were able to advise us on the right size to pour and got it done quicker than we ever thought possible.”

Mike L.

Based in Temple, Tx but proudly serving all of Bell County and the nearby City of Killeen.

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