Concrete Foundations


Concrete curbing is a really nice way to give a professional, flush look to any type of property. One of the most popular curbing types is that of landscape curbing. Landscape curbing has skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years and is now used almost everywhere in the world. Beyond that, concrete curbing is also used in parking lots; giving a bumper for tires to hit. Concrete curbing is also used to help sidewalks with drainage and to help them look tied in to the surround property.

Parking Curbs

Parking curbs often come in one of two ways. The first type of parking curbing is rounded edges that extend from a poured concrete sidewalk. These edges are meant to stop tired from jumping up, on to the sidewalks. The rounded edges help to keep tired from being damaged in the process. The other type of curb are free-standing concrete pieces that are poured and then installed at the front of parking spaces. These concrete curbings are meant to do the exact same thing as sidewalk curbs, with the exception that they don’t need a sidewalk present to be attached to.

Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing is used for a few different reasons. One of the main uses of concrete landscape curbing is that of separating out different pieces of a yard. If there is a flower box butting up to the lawn, landscape curbing can make a really nice trim between the two. Because concrete can be stamped or textured, it can look incredibly decorative. And, because concrete is a sturdy material, once poured in to place, landscape curbing should last for years to come. This type of curbing can even be dyed, or stained, to make it blend in to your yard easier.

Sidewalk Curbing

Sidewalk curbs are rounded pieces that form extensions of the typical sidewalk corner. These curbs are use for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that curbing takes down the sharp corners that formed by the pouring of concrete sidewalks. Another reason is that having a sloped side to sidewalks helps with the drainage of water, either from rain or from ice and snow. Beyond that, having curbing on the edge of sidewalks can help sidewalks to look nice; blending in with the property type that the sidewalk is in front of.


Concrete curb maintenance is relatively the same as maintenance for any other concrete structure. Regular cleaning should be done to prevent growths of mold and weeds. This cleaning can be done with a stiff bristled broom and a regular garden hose. If there are tougher stains, a light detergent can be used. In addition to cleaning, water should always be drained away from curbing. While concrete stands up very well to nearly everything, water can permeate concrete and cause cracking issues. Because of this, water should always be drained if it is pooling around curbs. If cracks are forming, they should be filled to prevent further cracking and fracturing.


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