Concrete Foundations


Concrete is the number one foundation type in the world. Because concrete is incredibly sturdy, yet mildly flexible, it does a really good job of being able to carry loads, while also dealing with the contracting, and expanding, of the earth underneath it. There are a few types of concrete foundations, with the most popular being slab foundations and reinforced foundations. Slab foundations are typically used in residential builds, while reinforced foundations are used in large-scale commercial builds. Beyond installing these foundations, we can also repair concrete foundations you may have.

Slab Foundation

Slab foundations are the most common type of foundations that they are. These types of foundations are typically poured in residential homes or smaller businesses. Slab foundations can carry a decent amount of structural weight, without worrying about cracking or buckling. Slab foundations are installed in much the same way that concrete paving is. First, we excavate out an area, then frame it in. After that is done, we mix up concrete and then pour it in to the frame; letting it set and harden. Once that is completely done, we can start building up walls from the foundation.

Reinforced Foundations

Reinforced foundations are typically used in large-scale commercial buildings. This type of foundation is constructed for poured concrete with some sort of rebar inside of it. In newer buildings, this rebar is actually made of composite material, so that it doesn’t rust as easily. In this process, we excavate out the area and then frame it in. Once the framing is done, we construct a network of rebar that we, then, pour concrete over. Once this hardens, the concrete can carry a much heavier load because the internal rebar helps to make the concrete more flexible, without it cracking or buckling.

Mud Jacking

If your slab begins to sink, by carrying too much weight, all hope is not lost. We can actually fix this problem by jacking up your foundation. While it may seem scary (and, indeed it is) that your slab is sinking, it isn’t the end of the world. It is, however, something that needs to be addressed immediately. With mud jacking, we come in and drill holes in your foundation. Once the holes are drilled we use a “mud” solution and pump it through your holes and under your slab. This helps to push the slab back up; leveling it out.

Cracks Repair

If your slab is cracking, this is another issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. While small cracks may not be super harmful, small cracks can turn in to larger cracks which, if not taken care of, can split your slab in to pieces. If your slab is split in to pieces, it’s structural integrity will be ruined and it will not be able to hold the weight of the structure on top of it. Because of this, if you see cracks, let us know so that we can come out and sill and bond your cracks back together.


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