Sidewalks and Driveways


Sidewalks and driveways are structures that we all use all of the time, but most of us never pay any mind to. However, if you are someone who is paying attention, and thinks they need new sidewalks or driveways installed, we would love for you to consider having concrete poured! Concrete is one of the most versatile paving materials there is and the benefits of using concrete far outweigh it’s price point and the time it takes to install. If you are looking to have some sidewalks or driveways installed, look no further than us!


Sidewalks are great little structures that make sure that we have even, and level, surfaces to walk on. Because concrete is often rigid on top, concrete sidewalks give a great amount of traction for, both, bare feet and shoes. This traction keeps our feet planted firmly; minimizing the risk of twisting an ankle or stumbling. Beyond that, because sidewalks are usually elevated, they do a great job at keeping mud and water off of our feet. A properly built sidewalk will allow for great drainage which means that it will keep your feet as dry and warm as possible.


A subset of a sidewalk, a walkway is more for home usage. Walkways are typically not as elevated as sidewalks are and are structures that are placed on both commercial and residential properties. Walkways can be poured in to slabs of solid concrete, or they can be made from concrete pavers. Whichever way you want your walkway constructed is totally up to you. Solid slab walkways are often stronger, but concrete paver walkways have more flexibility and, often times, are more customizable. If you need a walkway installed, let us be the team to come out and do it for you.


Driveways can be made it of several different materials, with the most common material types being concrete and asphalt. While asphalt is the cheapest option available, it doesn’t last nearly as long as concrete and it doesn’t look quite as nice. For the price, concrete is the best option available. Concrete can be poured and installed easily. Concrete can also be, either, stamped or have texture added to it. Concrete can also be polished, stained or dyed to make it fit you personality and space. On top of all of that, concrete does an amazing job at resisting the sunlight and elements and standing up to anything thrown at it.

Property Entrances

Whether you have a residential property, or a commercial property, one of the areas you should think about having paved in concrete is the entrance between the street and your driveway/parking lot. These little pieces may seem like something you don’t need to worry about, but they can be the difference between a vehicle having a rough entrance, or exit, from your property and a smooth one. In order to make sure that vehicle are safe, you should have us install these connectors.


“BELL County Concrete Contractors was phenomenal to work with. We needed some fairly large concrete pieces for our build, but had little space to work with. They prefabbed perfect concrete panels for us and it made the job super easy. Thanks!”

Laurence O.

“When we needed a new driveway we installed, we gave BELL County Concrete Contractors a call on a recommendation from a friend. We are so happy that we did. They were able to come out in a matter of days and put down a gorgeous driveway for us.”

Elma T

“We were building a new house and needed a concrete slab poured. Because we wanted it done correctly, we gave BELL County Concrete Contractors a call. They were able to advise us on the right size to pour and got it done quicker than we ever thought possible.”

Mike L.

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